Topics in Economics (MIM)

This course introduces students to several important and contemporary issues that relate to economics. Having already covered the key insights from Micro and Macroeconomics, this advanced course goes deeper into the frontiers of the discipline. Students will challenge their understanding of complex and controversial issues and develop their perspective on how to become managers of the future.

🏅 Assessment
🗓️ Content
Topic Before During After
1. Money and central banking Lecture handouts
2. Central banking and digital transformation Lecture handouts
3. Macro Models Lecture handouts
4. Growth Lecture handouts
5. Prosperity Pre class quiz

Lecture handouts
6. Inequality Pre class survey

Watch the full movie Parasite (2019), Bong Joon Ho

  • Saez, E., and Zucman, G., 2020, “The Rise of Income and Wealth Inequality in America: Evidence from Distributional Macroeconomic Accounts” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 34(4):3-26
  • Kopczuk, W., and Zwick, E., 2020, “Business Incomes at the Top” Journal of Economics Perspectives, 34(4):27-51,
Lecture handouts
7. Stagnation Watch “Steve Jobs – iPhone Introduction in 2007” (first 17 minutes is fine)

Lecture handouts
8. Progress Watch the full movie The Greatest Showman (2017), Michael Gracey

Lecture handouts