My research areas are monetary economics and transitional economics. I work on topics related to competitiveness, free banking, and neoliberalism.

I have published almost 40 peer-reviewed articles in academic journals such as The Journal of Business Ethics, Eastern European Economics, Critical Review, Simulation and Gaming, The Review of Political Economy, The Review of Austrian Economics, and the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy.

Sample publications:

Apparently in 1988 Harvard Med School decided to cap the number of publications that were used as the basis for promotion (to 10 papers for full professor and 7 for associate). I like that idea, and think academics should list their top 5 papers separately to their full CV (see my full list here). 

My research has been covered by newspapers such as The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Evening Standard.

From 2011-2013 I was Head of Research at the London campus of ESCP Business School.

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