Macroeconomics – International MBA

This course provides a thorough and contextual perspective on various forms of macroeconomic policymaking. In addition to looking at how monetary and fiscal policy can be used to manage the domestic economy, we will take an international approach to various forms of economic crisis. By the end of this course students will be able to critically engage with some of the key indicators that may help to predict a currency crisis, and relate this to famous historic cases. We will look at the role played by international institutions during sovereign debt crises, and gain experience at identifying, summarising, and communicating relevant data.

Course textbook:


  • 40% group report (see here)
  • 60% individual MCQ (practice exam here)

Pre class activities
Before the course begins you should watch this video pass this quiz.
Day 1: Macro policy decisions
1&2. Monetary policy (+)

3&4. Fiscal policy (+)

After class you should watch this video and pass this quiz.

Day 2: Countries in crisis
5. International economics (+)

6. Currency crises (+)

    • “Currency Crises” Harvard Business School case no. 9-799-088 (£)
    • Discussion question: Which countries are on the verge of a currency crisis?
    • Textbook reference: Chapter 8.3 and Chapter 10.4

7. Debt crises (+)

    • Blustein, Paul “And the Money Kept Rolling In” Public Affairs, 2005 (pp.39-60) (£)
    • Discussion question: As of July 1998 should the IMF suspend their program in Argentina, or continue their support?

8. Macro Policy Workshop (+)

Day 3: Presentations and wrap up
9. Presentations

10. Macro risk


Cases marked with a pound sign (£) are either available via Blackboard or through the library.