Currency crises

Learning Objectives: Understand the causes and triggers of a currency crisis. Consider indicators that predict a currency crisis. 


Case:Currency Crises” Harvard Business School case no. 9-799-088

  • Discussion question: Which countries are on the verge of a currency crisis?

To get a good understanding of how currency crises occur, and their implications, see Yegor Gaidar’s 1999 article on “Lessons of the Russian Crisis for Transition Economies“.

The key goal for monetary authorities is credibility: [Credibility flashcard]

What constitutes an optimal currency areas? [Optimal Currency Areas flashcard]

These resources form part of my Managerial Economics course map. You can watch the full YouTube playlist here. This page ties into Chapter 8 (Section 8.3) and Chapter 10 of ‘Economics: A Complete Guide for Business‘.
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