Macro Policy Workshop

Group activity:Macro Policy Workshop“, March 2018 and complete the Macro Policy Workshop Form.

My video on Macro Policy summarises policy makers options. [Macro Policy flashcard]


Recommended reading:

If you think you could have done a better job than Mervyn King at leading the Bank of England through the global financial crisis, see my role-playing app


There is a Harvard simulation called Econland that I haven’t used yet, but intend to do so.

Interactive practice: What’s included in GDP?

Instructor Resource:

  • “Macro Policy Workshop: Solutions”, March 2018
  • Macro Policy Practice Exam
Learning Objectives: Test understanding and utilisation of important macro concepts.

Focus on diversity: In 2014 Janet Yellen became the first female chair of the Federal Reserve. In 2020 she was widely tipped to become the first female U.S. Treasury secretary. This would mean that she’s occupied the twin positions of being in charge of monetary and fiscal policy. You can learn more about her here.