In December 2020 one of my favourite teachers, Walter E. Williams, passed away. Although my research in pedagogy is focused on innovative methods I always try to remember the key lessons of (i) knowing your content; (ii) delivering it well; (iii) conveying empathy and passion. Walter excelled at all three.

I’ve utilised experiential evidence to argue that my dissertation advisor, Peter J. Boettke, utilises a successful pedagogical philosophy that is common to being both a sports coach and graduate teacher. I also argued that  the “case method” is a pedagogical method that should be of particular interest to economists.

As an instructor of managerial economics I try to employ innovative pedagogical techniques. I have created an app to help students learn about the financial crisis, and a simulation to understand the EU debt problem. I’ve also tried to champion the Dynamic AD-AS model.

I have written the following cases:

  • 2021 “Fanelli’s Pizza”, The Case Centre
  • 2019 “La Marmotte”, Sage Business Cases Originals
  • 2018 “The Suitcase Case”, ESCP Working Case
  • 2018 “Taxi for Professor Evans”, ESCP Working Case