Recommended pop economics


Hazlitt, Henry (1946) Economics in One Lesson, Harper and Brothers

  • The original attempt to explain economic reasoning to non-economists, and an excellent utilisation of the broken-window fallacy.

Landsburg, Steven (1993) The Armchair Economist, Simon & Schuster

  • Provocative and intellectually stimulating.

Harford, Tim (2006) The Undercover Economist, Oxford

  • Less contrarian than Landsburg and contains more principles of economics than Levitt & Dubnar. A useful alternative to a textbook.

Cowen, Tyler (2007) Discover your Inner Economist, Penguin

  • One of the sharpest minds applying basic economic reasoning to an array of social situations.

Frank, Robert (2007) The Economic Naturalist, Basic Books

  • Somewhat repetitive reiteration of the point that economics can explain many social curiosities by recognising that things happen when the benefits exceed the costs.

Harford, Tim (2008) The Logic of Life, Little Brown

  • An extension and update to Gary Becker’s classic The Economics of Life (1995).