Numeracy Skills Bootcamp

In 2008 I was asked to provide a short, intensive bootcamp for incoming students. This page is a collection of the resources that I used for that course. It contains some slides that define and explain key concepts, and also provides some examples of numeracy tests. In addition, I noticed that many students – particularly females – felt that they “weren’t math people”. I’ve done a video to discuss these fears. I hope you find these resources helpful.

I also recommend the following page, which is full of links:

Part 1. Fundamentals of Mathematics


 Download the handouts here.

  • Socrative Quiz: Fundamentals of Mathematics

Additional topics:

Some fascinating ideas:


Part 2. Practice Tests

Download the handouts here.







Additional resources:

Part 3. Gender Differences & Mathematics

Download the handouts here.

Further reading:

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This is part of my online course on Analytics.