Collecting and Presenting Data

This article intends to walk through a process for collecting and presenting data. It will include some basic commands in Excel and Powerpoint. The slide deck below provides a step-by-step guide. You should follow it in order to complete the set tasks.

You will need the following to get started:


1. Replicate the following PDF file (but without the patterned fill): “aje_data_chart.pdf

2. Replicate the following PNG image (but without the patterned fill):

  • Download “aje_data_2.xlsx
  • Email me for the solution: “aje_data_3.xlsx”

Resources on data visualisation:

Some examples of good data visualisation:


The Economist is renowned for good data visualisations. Here is their advert for data journalists, demonstrating their expertise.

This is part of my online course on Analytics.

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