Markets for Managers (2014)

The Second Edition of Markets for Managers has been published with the new title, ‘Economics: A Complete Guide for Business‘. See the new website for updated content.

Evans, Anthony J., 2014, Markets for Managers: A Managerial Economics Primer (Wiley Finance Series)

Like Adam Smith’s ‘Wealth of Nations’ the book began as a series of lectures for my students. But unlike the first edition of Sigmund Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams‘, it sold more than three hundred copies!* (Although it sold zero copies in Norway).


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Praise for Markets for Managers

“It could redefine how politicians and senior executives understand the reality of market processes.” —Steve Baker MP, Treasury Select Committee

“Pitched at exactly the right level and covers exactly the right material to enable business executives to set themselves apart from the crowd by understanding how markets work.”—Philip Booth, Editorial and Programme Director, Institute of Economic Affairs

“Full of excellent examples and a pleasure to read.” —Nicolai J. Foss, Professor of Strategy and Organization, Copenhagen Business School

“An excellent overview of the key debates in economic theory and leaves the reader enlightened, rather than frustrated. Highly recommended.” —Allister Heath, Deputy Editor, The Telegraph

“Students will appreciate the clear and compelling examples, effective technical exposition, and useful summaries. A very effective text!” —Peter G. Klein, University of Missouri

“Evans successfully distils some of the wisdom of the wiser economists and debunks some of the more bizarre claims of other parts of the economics profession.” —Toby Baxendale, Entrepreneur

“An engaging, clear, comprehensive course in economics.” —Sam Bowman, Research Director, Adam Smith Institute

“I am confident this book will become a favourite read among our current students and alumni.” —Zoran Đorđević, Managing Partner, Cotrugli Business School

“An enjoyable explanation of principles that are often misunderstood, denied, or buried in economic jargon.” —Bruno Prior, Managing Director, Forever Fuels Ltd

“Handy at all times.” —Krunoslav Koprivnjak, Sales Representative, Oracle

Public reviews

  • “Hayek/neoliberal bollocks no doubt” Anon.
  • “So good that if I can find someone to buy it I will ask them if I can borrow their copy” Anon
  • “Highest econ knowledge/words ratio of any intro textbooks.” @ArtirKel
  • “Very clear and good” Ben Southwood
  • From verified readers via
    • “Good read on economics, some interesting points.”
    • “A great book for a thorough insight in broad span of knowledge and skills you need to know to successfully ran a business.”
    • “The great Ludwig von Mises issued this challenge toward the end of his magnum opus, Human Action: The Scholar’s Edition: “Whether we like it or not, it is a fact that economics cannot remain an esoteric branch of knowledge accessible only to small groups of scholars and specialists. Economics deals with society’s fundamental problems; it concerns everyone and belongs to all. It is the main and proper study of every citizen.”
      As the title suggests, Prof. Evans’ book is aimed at managers and is suitable for use as a college text, but it is equally suitable for any citizen who wants to answer Mises’ challenge. Prof. Evans has distilled a great deal of economic wisdom into a short book. While he frequently cites Mises, Hayek, Kirzner and other great economists in the Austrian tradition, he does not hesitate to cite Keynes and Krugman when they get things right, as they occasionally do.
      General readers will be taken smoothly from foundational concepts of praxeology to discussions of contemporary economic issues and stories of real-world business firms, but they will need to invest some effort in the reading. Knowingly or not, Prof. Evans has followed Frank Taussig who says of his own Principles text, “I have done my best to be clear, and to state with care the grounds on which my conclusions rest, as well as the conclusions themselves, but have made no vain pretense of simplifying all things.”
      Congratulations to Anthony Evans for a superb job!”
  • From verified readers via
    • “Well written, this book gave me a new perspective on economics and their impact on our society. Even though it requires to know a few basics, it is very easy to understand, and actually quite captivating.”
    • “Great book! Very clear and helpful.”
    • “The way it is written makes it a great tools for understanding the big picture of how markets works and to encourage you to go deeper, especially for people with minimum knowledge about Economics.”
    • “A textbook textbook.”
  • “Having had Anthony Evans’ eye opening book “Markets for Managers: A Managerial Economics Primer” on hand we got to comprehend the theory behind our data results and could analyze them with our newly gained knowledge; by digging deeper into the topic we found out interesting principles and patterns that we focused our research on so as to answer the question at hand.” ESCP Europe Bachelor student


Speaking engagements/promotional tour:

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Planning tour:

  • Manuscript workshop, Fairfax, VA, October 19th 2013
    • Purpose: Informal but detailed attempt to shape the content and structure of the book, and build a PR plan for publication.
  • Focus group, London, November 4th 2013
    • Purpose: General advice on some of the issues raised from the manuscript workshop. It is not necessary to have read any of the manuscript in advance, because I will prepare a list of discussion questions. I am interested in general thoughts and ideas about some of the more heterodox aspects of the book.

(*) See Weiner, 2016, p.180 and p.260

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