An undergraduate Austrian-school reading list

The best introduction to all aspects of the Austrian school, and how it differs from other approaches to economics is:




  • Shand, Alexander H., 1984, The Capitalist Alternative: An Introduction to Neo-Austrian Economics. New York: New York University Press
  • O’Driscoll, G.P., and Rizzo, M.J., 1985, The Economics of Time and Ignorance Routledge
  • Evans, Anthony J., 2020, Economics, A Complete Guide for Business, London Publishing Partnership


  • Littlechild, Stephen C., 1978, The Fallacy of the Mixed Economy. Hobart Paper 80. London: Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Kirzner, Israel M., 2001, Ludwig von Mises. Wilmington, DL: ISI Books
  • Butler, Eamonn, 2010, Austrian Economics – A Primer, London: Adam Smith Institute

Intellectual histories

Conference proceedings

  • Dolan, Edwin G., (ed) 1976, The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics. Kansas City: Sheed & Ward Inc.
  • Spadaro, Louis M., (ed) 1978, New Directions in Austrian Economics. Kansas City: Sheed Andres & McMeel

If you like audio, here’s Ludwig Lachmann’s “History of the Austrian School” (1977). Here’s the short intro I wrote in 2005, and here’s “What Should an Austrian Economist Do?