Macro Perspectives

My Perspective on Macroeconomics workshop is split into two presentations:

  • Macro Trends: what’s going on? – this provides an overview of the global economy and a discussion of current critical uncertainties.
  • Macro Models: from DICE to doughnuts – this integrates ecological concerns wirth standard economics, providing an overview of how macroeconomists model the economy and how those methods and models relate to climate issues.

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You can find the latest global growth forecasts from the institutions mentioned in the lecture here:

And here are the scorecards on social progress mentioned:

Here’s a short quiz to test your knowledge about the sessions:

Recommended readings:
Recommended audio:
Recommended videos:

This is a good explanation of current Fed policy:

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Here is a fascinating video (in French) on the limits to growth and the World 3 model

Here is Tyler Cowen on growth being a moral imperative:

Here is more on the doughnut model:

Some spinning donuts (see! it is meant to be measured!):

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