Macro Models

Lecture handout: Macro Models: from DICE to doughnuts

This lecture integrates ecological concerns wirth standard economics, providing an overview of how macroeconomists model the economy and how those methods and models relate to climate issues.

Here’s a clip of John Lennon saying that overpopulation is a myth:

Here’s a short quiz to test your knowledge about the sessions:

And here are the scorecards on social progress mentioned:

Recommended readings:

You can play with the Schelling model here. To learn more about ABMs I recommend this Runestone Academy interactive textbook.


Further readings:
Recommended audio:
  • Macro 6: DSGE“, Anthony J. Evans (for more depth on Macroeconomic models including my other podcast episodes see here)
Recommended videos:

Here is a fascinating video (in French) on the limits to growth and the World 3 model

Here is more on the doughnut model:

Some spinning donuts (see! it is meant to be measured!):