Macro bootcamp

Updated: March 2018

The Macro Bootcamp is a short and intensive reading group that serves as a refresher for a graduate level class in contemporary macroeconomics. It aims to cover the seminal texts of the most prominent schools of thought, and act as a foundation for applications to current policy debates.

1. Advanced reading

Participants are advised to read the following book, which provides an excellent introduction to modern macroeconomics from a school-of-thought approach. The interviews at the end of the book in particular are worth attention:

2. Reading list: key articles

Note: this reading list is heavily influcenced by Tyler Cowen’s Macro I Reading List, Fall 2006 (.pdf). For a previous version see here.

History of thought/background

Real Business Cycles

New Keynesian economics

Monetary policy

3. Further reading

The classic graduate text for macro is David Romer. It is the best treatment of the alternative growth models, and then has a chapter on each variable of national income accounting. Participants are advised to grapple with it after the bootcamp has taken place

It is also a good idea to see how various Austrian, Keynesian and Moneratist ideas can be integrated into a heterodox narrative. See Arnold Kling’s “Lectures on Macroeconomics“.

Note: the lectures above feed into the Monetary Theory and Policy Workshop

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