Colloquium on J.B. Say

Dates and location TBA

In December 1819 Jean-Baptiste Say was one of a group of political economists and businesspeople who founded “Ecole Spéciale de Commerce et d’Industrie”, in Paris. Their practical experience and commitment to liberal ideas established a new type of academic model, pioneering the modern business school. Over the last 200 years the school has undergone a number of innovations, most notably with the merger in 1999 with EAP to form a multi-campus model operating throughout Europe. Combining a European identity with a global perspective, ESCP Europe now stands as a triple accredited and highly ranked establishment. JB Say held the first Chair in Economics, and 200 years later this colloquium uses his intellectual legacy as the host for an appraisal of his ideas and influence. 

Attendance is strictly by invitation only. Suggestions/feedback welcome – please email me.

Main reading: Say, J.B., ([1803] 1855) A Treatise on Political Economy (translation of the 4th Edition) – print copy at Amazon, or see this free pdf, or Library of Economics and Liberty.

  • Session I. On theory and practice
  • Session II. Origins of entrepreneurship
  • Session III. Say’s Law: the origins
  • Session IV. Say’s Law: Keynes’ reading
  • Session V. Say’s Law: The generally accepted view
  • Session VI. Say’s Law: The resurrection