Macro Seminar

Macroeconomics can be a daunting subject matter but it is too important to be left to specialists. All senior managers need to be able to understand and interpret the macroeconomy, and reflect on the factors that cause it to change. This page gathers material that relate to some lectures that equip participants with a foundation in the models and frameworks needed to make sense of our context and policy responses, and develop an awareness of several key risks. They will help you to become familiar with with global growth forecasts and identify the key challenges facing policymakers.

And the best part of these resources? Most of the lectures are delivered live!

What you should be reading:

Newspapers: The Economist Financial Times The Guardian (international edition)

Business press: Harvard Business Review • McKinsey QuarterlyKnowledge@Wharton 

Macro trends

Lecture handout: Macro Trends. Here is the quiz.

You can find the latest global growth forecasts from the institutions mentioned in the lecture here:

Macro issues

Lecture handout: Macro Issues. Here is the quiz.

Macro risk

Lecture handout: Macro Risk

I have a follow up live session which includes this activity.

What I’ve been reading:

✍️ What I’ve been writing:

 Suggested podcasts:
  • Planet Money by NPR – short introductions to key topics
  • Macro Musings, by David Beckworth at the Mercatus Center – interviews with relevant academic and policy experts
Where to look for good charts:
ℹ️ Background resources:
  • The best way to keep on top of macroeconomic trends are to subscribe to the Financial Times or The Economist.
  • An Inflation Primer” Patrick Horan, Mercatus Center Policy Brief, July 2022 – a good background primer on inflation
  • Evans, A.J., 2020, “Economics: A Complete Guide for Business” London Publishing Partnership – my managerial economics textbook is intended to provide a thorough but readable overview of the most important elements of macroeconomics

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