MBA Managerial Economics – Cotrugli

Background readings:

The textbook is Economics: A Complete Guide for Business by Anthony J. Evans (2020). I wrote it specifically for this course and all students are advised to read it in conjunction with the lectures.

There are plenty of other good textbooks on the market. I also recommend Managerial Economics by Luke M. Froeb, Brian T. McCann, Michael R. Ward and Mikhael Shor (Thomson Southwestern 3rd edition, 2013) and A Concise Guide to Macroeconomics by David Moss (Harvard Business School Press, 2007). Course handouts: download here.

Day 1

1. Incentives matter* +

2. Cost Curves* [Ch.2] +

La Marmotte, January 2012 Instructions: Complete Exhibit A and provide suggestions for the two key decisions

3.  Auctions +

Hild, M., Dwidevy, A., and Raj, A., “The Biggest Auction Ever: 3G Licensing in Western Europe”, Darden Business Publishing, 2004 (£)

Discussion question: What are the alternatives to auctions?

4. Price discrimination [Evans Ch.4.3] +

Read through the following Twitter thread:

Choose one of the tweets and use it as the basis to apply some microeconomic theory. Make assumptions and perform calculations where necessary.

5. Price discrimination Debrief*

Day 2

6. Monetary policy* +

7. Fiscal policy* +

8. Macro Policy Workshop +

Choose your own financial crisis

9. Behavioural economics +

“Sun: A CEO’s Last Stand”, Business Week, July 26th 2004


Sessions marked with an asterix (*) have a lecture handout available in advance, which can be downloaded.

Cases marked with a pound sign (£) are available through the Programme Office. Follow the + links for additional resources.

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