Microeconomics – MSc Food & Beverage

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Course textbook:

  • Evans, Anthony J., 2020 “Economics: A complete guide for business“, London Publishing Partnership
  • Froeb, L.M, McCann, B.T., Ward, M.R., and Shor, M., 2014, Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach, Thomson South-Western (3rd approx. £120)

1. Delivered online

1a. Incentives matter*

1b. Cost curves*

Evans, A.J., “La Marmotte”, January 2012

Instructions: Complete Exhibit 1 and provide suggestions for the two key decisions

2. Delivered in class

2a. Economies of scale

Rivkin, J.W., “Dogfight over Europe: Ryanair (A)” Harvard Business School case no. 9-700-115, November 21st 2007 (£)

Discussion question: What are some sources of economies of scale? How do they apply to British Airways in 1986?

Video: “The Planning Horizon“, June 2016

2b. Market equilibrium (36)*

Video: “Comparative statics and the UK housing market”, April 2014

3. Delivered in class

3a. Adverse selection

3b. Auctions

Hild, M., Dwidevy, A., and Raj, A., (2004) “The Biggest Auction Ever: 3G Licensing in Western Europe”, Darden Business Publishing (£)

Discussion question: What are the alternatives to auctions?

4. Delivered online

4a. Price discrimination

This Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/anthonyjevans/status/993918866186297349

4b. Price discrimination  Debrief*

5. Delivered online

5a. Competition and Market Process*

5b. CC Simulation

Evans, A.J., “CC Simulation”, February 2014

Discussion question: Is the market for airport services in the UK competitive?


Sessions marked with an asterix (*) have a lecture handout available in advance, which can be downloaded.

Cases marked with a pound sign (£) are either available via Blackboard or through the library.