Economies of scale

Learning Objectives: Sources of economies of scale

  • “Dogfight over Europe: Ryanair (A)” Harvard Business School case no. 9-700-115, November 21st 2007
    Discussion question: What are some sources of economies of scale? How do they apply to British Airways in 1986?

This video shows how economies of scale played an important role in BIC

A 2014 newspaper report likened the rise of budget supermarkets (such as Aldi and Lidl) to the strategy that saw Ryanair outcompete BA:

The pioneer of no frills airlines were Southwest. See “Why are no-frills airlines so cheap?” The Economist, October 18th 2013.

This article explains some of their key decisions. Which include:

  • Only flying 737s
  • Simple fare structure
  • Point-to-point (for less congested airports)
  • No assigned seating
  • No inflight meals
  • Only one fair class

Note that this demonstrates a lack of price discrimination. Whereas Ryanair do lots of it.

These resources form part of my Managerial Economics course map. You can watch the full YouTube playlist here. This page ties into Chapter 2 of ‘Markets for Managers’.
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